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independent woman in society backed by government police and society, thinks she is alone and strong

Women today have been encouraged to feel like the presence of a man is unnecessary in their lives. Being an ‘independent woman’ who doesn’t need a man is like a statement of strength for women who have been told that they must resist against any dependency on a man. 

They think they are being rebellious, but in fact, they are conforming to what they are being told by society. Society is telling them to do this and they are doing it. What’s interesting is that many women truly feel like they don’t need a man in their lives, but the only reason they can feel that way is because society has adjusted itself tremendously to create conditions that allow women to get that independence. 

In current societal conditions, yes, they are independent. Under natural conditions, women would be far from independent. In short, society is covertly taking the position of her husband by fulfilling the role that a male would usually do. So she still gets the benefit of what a man traditionally offers, without actually having a man in her life.

Independent woman rejects man she thinks she doesnt need - black couple

In a natural environment (conditions that our bodies are suited for) there is no such thing as a woman not needing a man. The chances of a woman surviving without a man are dramatically lower than a woman who has a strong, capable man with her. 

There is nothing wrong with this and it is no fault of the woman. The role of a man is to be a protector and provider, and his body was designed for this particular purpose. 

However, society has been modified (particularly in the last century) to make it easier for women, which has given the illusion that she doesn’t need a man. In reality, the system is simply being her protector and provider.

In regards to finances, welfare assistance and affirmative action in workplaces are displays of the government acting as the woman’s provider. A woman who is benefiting from these schemes may feel as though it is all from her own efforts. On the contrary, it is her man: the system.

When a woman is a single mother and is receiving welfare, she is being provided for by the system. In a divorce, despite a woman being able to to work for her own money, the courts are able to provide for the woman by taking from the husband. All of this allows her to feel as though she is able to be independent and do it on her own. In reality, she is receiving help from her man. 

Even the societal demand that ‘a man should never put his hands on a woman’ is another example of the system being her protector. And women themselves are not discouraged from hitting men, despite it being an ‘equal’ society. Because of this, many women feel comfortable hitting men. And under no circumstance should a man hit the woman, even if it’s self defence.

If a husband were to be accused of hitting his wife without any proof, he would immediately be arrested and possibly fired from his work. Who would be arresting him? It would be her man in the form of the police, which is simply a vessel of the system.

And what makes this even more interesting, is that the police are permitted to put hands on women if they see fit, much like husbands of the ancient ages were allowed to. For example, if a police officer was being hit by a woman and he retaliated, he would not be condemned. 

This is not to encourage any violence against women, but it is to highlight that the system has replaced taken up the position of male authority in a woman’s life, and then places her in a position which makes her truly feel independent, even though in reality she is not.

    Woman hitting men meme: Man calls women misandrist and she slaps him saying she is for equality and he cannot hit her back because he will be arrested by police

    The system has adjusted to take up the role of her man and by using these replacements, it appears to reduce the necessity of a man in her life. This allows women to feel comfortable disrespecting men, as they are able to call their acting man (the system/police) if men ever get too frustrated and lash out.

    It also weakens the relationship bond of the average man and woman as women are much quicker to feel as though they can go on without the assistance of a man. All of this is an illusion. This is why women go throughout their early years not taking relationships seriously, only to find out they do not want to grow old without a man who is committed to them. 

    And the reasoning is simple, in natural conditions a woman does need a man, and so too does the child they have. Men must remember that their role is necessary in nature and a woman must acknowledge that she is not naturally programmed to want to be alone, even if society is trying to artificially create this perception.

    Areas where society’s values or conditions serve as her man (protector/ provider), giving an illusion of not needing a man:

    • Welfare assistance for single mothers.
    • Women being granted maternity pay or maternity leave. 
    • On public transport, people are encouraged to offer seats to pregnant women
    • Men are supposed to leave distance between them and a woman they are walking behind at night 
    • In natural conditions, a woman is much less likely to walk alone at night/unfamiliar environments: the policeman serves as her protector
    • Weapons marketed single-mothers: pepper-spray and other gadgets
    • Women in the majority of divorces are given better treatment. Despite claiming equality, men may even have to pay lifetime monthly support (or until she remarries)


    (Disclaimer: The list is due to be continuously updated)


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