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Healing the Feminine Energy

By Reemus Bailey

September, 2022


“This book is life-changing” – has been the response of those women worldwide. “Healing the Feminine Energy” is a spiritual guide, written with love and empathy for those who want to nurture their feminine energy.

It’s the perfect catalyst for those looking to ignite or go deeper into, their healing journey. 

By learning how to embrace the deepest parts of yourself, you gain an increase in confidence, self-love and a clear understanding of the beauty of feminine energy.

We currently live in a society that discourages the expression of divine feminine energy, keeping millions of women from embracing their natural state.

Their natural connection to womanhood is shamed, trapping them in a state of unhappiness, lack of fulfilment and continuously attracting the wrong type of men.

This practical guide contains ancient wisdom, yet with a great understanding of the modern society that we live in.

And as you learn the powerful information that has been kept secret from you, experience a deep connection to your authentic self.

This is for the person who is excited about growing into an empowered, healthy woman. It is also for men who want to better appreciate the power of feminine energy (that is within them too and in their partners).

This guide will teach you:

  • The traits of healthy femininity

  • Practical exercises to get you in touch with feminine energy

  • Understand the blocks and wounds that suppress feminine energy

  • How to release the negative effects of trauma, heartbreak and abuse

  • How to embrace a state of peace

  • The empowered state that attracts healthy men

  • The importance of self-care

  • How femininity influences the people in your life and its ability to manipulate the environment

  • Why you should be proud to be a woman

Learn to reconnect to the power that lies within and receive the practical exercises that will help you to protect and nurture this great energy.

The book is available in various formats. Check below to get the version that suits you.







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