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Girl with attractive man in suit about to kiss

In this generation, people are more confused about gender than any other time in humankind before. Men do not know how to be men and women do not know how to be women. Added to this, men do not know what women like. And women are confused about what men like. It’s all a mess.

However, to add some clarity to the confusion, we are going to address the energy which both genders are attracted to and why. On a spiritual level, attraction is an interaction between the male and female energy. Both energies harness different properties. And much like light is defined by it being opposite to the dark, so too is the male energy opposite to the female energy.

You can read about the properties of male and female energy in the earlier article. This will provide a better understanding of what men and women go for. Men generally express masculine energy. Women generally express feminine energy. 

Where female energy meets masculine energy, there is a polarity that creates sparks. This polarity between the energies is what we experience as attraction. Opposites attract. 

Since male and female energy are opposites, and each because of each energy being defined by its opposite, men and women get to experience the feeling of their own energy when they encounter their opposite.

The problem is that in this current environment, there are blockages that have been artificially put in place to stop each gender harnessing it’s relevant energy. Women are being encouraged to man up and men are being encouraged to be more soft and feminine. However, this does not change biological nature so this is no good for modern relationships.

Strong man carrying woman on his back through nature jungle

When a woman feels as though her man is being excessively feminine, she will be turned off. Where a man feels like his woman is being manly, he will be driven away. This is why it’s important to know how to be a real man or a real woman (read the post on what a real man or woman is). This is why many relationships fail. 

‘Alpha’ energy is direct, dominant and it is an energy which leads. Women are attracted to men who/when they lead and make decisions. They will say “I want a man with a plan”. And they like a man with a stable mind who is not easily swayed and is truthful. These are all expressions of masculine-energy properties.

Women post memes about liking when a guy sets the time and place that they are going for a date (rather than them having to come up with a plan themselves). When a woman is led, she gets the chance to feel like a real woman, which is to be a woman who is in her femininity. And the same thing happens in reverse for men.

Men get to feel manly when their woman is in a feminine state. Feminine energy is indirect, submissive and vulnerable. This is why when a woman likes a man, she starts to get soft, giggly, and even nervous. A woman who is attracted to a man’s masculine frame will have a softer, higher pitch voice than what she usually has.

These are all energetic expressions manifesting in physical reality. Feminine energy is nurturing. So when a woman is cooking for her man or cleaning the house, she is operating in a feminine energy. And this makes the man feel like ‘the man’.

    White woman in lingerie being submissive to her man in foreplay

    Sex is one of the best examples of how the male/femael energy interacts. It is a situation in which people let go of all the mental/societal concepts they have. All of those concepts inhibit the energy’s expression in daily life. But since there is little to gain to block it during sex, people let it all out and allow the energies to interact properly via their physical bodies.

    Think about the genitals and what they do during sex: 

    • A property of male energy is that it extends. Just like the energy, the penis is outside of the body, when hard it grows bigger, and it penetrates the women until ejeculation. All examples that represent pushing outwards.
    • A property of female energy is that it contracts. The vagina is a hole, which does not extend out of the body, and is penetrated. When it orgasms, it literally sucks in the ejaculate through the cervix to promote fertilisation. All examples that represent contraction. 

    Now think about the sexual acts which we find pleasurable:

    • A property of masculine energy is domination. Though a modern-day man may be tamed and lacking in masculinity, in sex he gets the chance to dominate.
    • A property of female energy is submission. In sex, even a ‘boss bitch’ or a feminist gets the chance to let go of the mental attachment to being masculine, as she pleasurably submits.

    A girl might say ‘I’d never submit to a man’, but then happily gets on her knees to suck dick, calls her man ‘daddy’, and wants to be pinned down, tied up, choked or roughed up. This is the feminine energy interacting with masculine energy.

    When a woman engages in these acts, she is getting the chance to feel womanly, as the man is also getting his chance to feel like a true man. This is because each energy is defined by the existence of the other, as we discussed earlier.

    If you wish to take this information to empower your seductive skills and improve your dating life/relationship, then you can simply allow the other person to experience their preferred energy by embodying the opposite energy, and allowing them to be in theirs. This will naturally trigger a feeling of attraction.


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