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DJ Khaled music video with beautiful women models at video shoot

One of the beauty’s of art is that it provides an acceptable space for certain feelings, ideas and truths to be expressed in a form that is not judged. In fact, there are certain things that are applauded when expressed through art, but when said out loud, it is the cause for outrage and concern.

Included in this contradiction is the expression of our true sexual nature. The energy within us cannot be destroyed, it can only be suppressed. And when it’s suppressed, it looks for a new avenue to come out. Though gender roles are consciously suppressed on the surface, this creates a stronger need for its expression through mediums such as music and movies.

Rap is a very good example. Rap is a place where the expression of masculine energy is celebrated. The topics covered in rap include aggression, boastful accumulation of money, not caring what anyone thinks, thinking you are the best thing on the planet, and not overvaluing women, as well as having multiple women/not settling down. 

Even though to say these things out loud would draw social attacks, when it is expressed through music it is not only accepted, but celebrated. The same girl that would call a man misogynistic for referring to women as ‘bitches’ will be front row at a concert screaming in support of the same man who says it in his raps.

rapper lil baby parties with bikini model video vixen beautiful women for his music video on yacht party

In movies such as the erotic films that have come out in the last decade or two (such as 365 or 50 Shades of Grey), reveal the true nature of women. Some women may balk at the idea of being submissive to a man, yet the same reason these films had so much hype was because it was a story line of a man dominating a woman sexually.

Though in real life they are resistant, this is what creates the craving for it. Because people are not able to live in their true nature in the outer world, this builds up inside, so much so to the point where we need to let it out in a larger manner. And this is much of the fuel for the intensity that drives art and media today.

    365 dni movie still with dominant sex scene with submissive woman


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