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Unsatisfied couple with unhappy woman and frustrated man - out of balance imbalanced gender roles and gender confusion of the modern world

When humans created technological hard drives, we were copying what nature had already done. Nature had already created biological hard drives, in the form of DNA.

Did you know that the DNA that makes up your genes is literally information? In fact, you can take the DNA from our body and transfer the information onto a hard drive so that the hard drive is now carrying the information that was just on the DNA. 

The DNA consists of instructions that contain the blueprint of your biological make-up. But it also contains the recorded experiences from all of your past lives, right up to the conception of the universe. The DNA contains the blueprint for a successful life (by nature’s standards) which it wants you to follow. 

It already knows exactly which actions will produce the most fruitful results (in terms of getting you to survive and replicate). Whether you listen to it or tap into it’s instructions is another story.

the dna holds genetic information about gender roles spiritual fulfilment and behaviours for men/man and women/woman

The DNA also includes the instructions for what actions produce the most successful life, specifically depending on what gender you are. Though society’s indoctrination and the unnatural environment we are in hinders our ability to tap into the DNA’s coding, it attempts to encourage us to execute the behaviours which are in line with our gender.

Simply: if you are a man, you are generally meant to express behaviours aligned with masculinity and a woman is meant to express behaviours aligned with femininity. Doing this will result in a state of fulfilment.

For example, some of the properties of masculine energy include reasoning, logic, stability, and being direct. When these properties manifest through the physical body, they create certain behaviours which are aligned with the masculine-energy’s properties. An example of this could be men taking pride in controlling emotions in the face of pressure. 

This behaviour is likely to result in increased survival chances for the human race, as a man who is able to remain cool under pressure will offer better leadership and so on. And since the masculine body was designed to lead, this results in an alignment between the body’s agenda and the male energy’s properties.

On the other hand, the female body was designed to harness the feminine energy. Properties of the feminine energy include creativity, nurturing and cultivation. When these properties manifest through the physical body it creates behaviours such as healing someone that is hurt or comforting someone who has been through trauma. 

The best example of the nurturing nature of a woman is seen when she literally takes sperm and cultivates it into an entire baby. With her ‘maternal instinct’, she will then nurture the baby into a healthy child and, hopefully, a healthy adult. This is an expression of the energy which her body was created for. Women appear to have no problem accepting this when they agree that a woman should have primary custody of their child, over the child’s father. 

Gender roles of men and women. In dating man and woman is different with differences

So it is clear that when each gender carries out his or her role successfully, it benefits nature. This synchronicity between the sexes benefits the thriving and surviving of the species. Though people think that gender and gender roles are a social construct, this is not the case. 

Gender roles come from nature, but are reinforced or adjusted by particular societies. The reason you do not switch gender roles is because the other gender cannot do a better job than the other other, since the biology and psychology of that gender has developed to make them the best at it. 

Through psychological or societal blockages, most people are prevented from spiritually being the gender that they are physically. When the physical genders do not align their energies, there is a misalignment between the energy you are expressing and what your body is made for. 

When there is a misalignment, the energy will express itself in a broken manner.  This usually leads to life failure. This could be a woman not being able to keep a man, or a man who keeps getting cheated on and dumped by women.

It’s like a software that is designed for one thing, using the wrong code. It’s like seeing a male lion who is supposed to protect the territory of his pride suddenly ignoring his duties and saying that he wants to act like a female lion. Whichever pack of lions decided to randomly switch gender roles would be the pack who dramatically decreases their chances of continuing their genes onto the next generation. 

In current society, the gender roles are being artificially tampered with. What nature intended the biological machine to be used for is being used for something else. But unless you want to decrease your own value in nature’s eyes, it would make sense to ignore the society’s instructions, in favour of listening to the DNA’s.


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