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I recently read the book ‘The Science of Attraction’ by Shane Smith. It is a book in which he breaks down the genetic code of women with the aim of helping men overcome societal conditioning which directly goes against what the woman’s sexual nature has programmed her to be attracted to. 

This is a major issue which the author does well to address because society’s recommendations of how to approach and date women often leads to the confusion and failure of millions of men. In this blog post, I will share the notes I took on the book and my personal takeaways. Each chapter was only about one or two pages, so that’s why there are so many ‘chapters’.

Chapter 1-10:

  • Men and women are vehicles for bringing in the next generation, so nature will guide her to look for survival. She represents reproductive value and the man represents survival value. 
  • This is why women don’t go for the nice guys and your strength must always be on display.

Chapter 13-30:

  • “Attraction is nature informing the woman she is in proximity of a man who could potentially secure the permanence of her genes” – it is a mechanism ensuring her survival by aligning herself with a valuable man (eg. tall, good job etc.)
  • Since birth, you have been separated from the genetic code by society’s conditioning
  • A woman is designed to undermine her man as a way of testing his value and strength.
  • She may even instigate a fight with another man to see how you react.


Chapter 31-47:

  • Monogamy is against a man’s nature.
  • A woman’s nature is not to stay with a man out of niceness. They lied to you.  It’s not ‘till death do us part’, and you should not be submitting to her every will, complaining to her, being easily moved emotionally,.

Chapter 48-60:

  • Your genes are controlling your behaviour and your opinion won’t change that.
  • Being weak is telling nature you are not capable or worthy of continuing on life, as you have involuntarily signed a contract assigned by nature. Violating the terms of nature’s contract will result in a loss of attraction.
  • The genes do not care about life promises because survival in the future may not be guaranteed. You are being judged every single day by the woman’s subconscious mind.
  • Many men fail the tests so they lose out on nature’s label of her true partner and they settle for the culture’s label of being her boyfriend or a husband by society’s standards of what that means.

Chapter 63-75:

  • A woman mating is a risky situation as her life and the baby’s life is at risk when she’s pregnant – so she is constantly assessing your display of genetic quality and ability to survive. – ALWAYS BE HER BEST OPTION
  • Meanwhile, a man is also judging her by her genetic quality, which is her reproductive ability, evident in her beauty/body health.
  • Attractive people have lesser mutation rate in their genes 
  • If other women aren’t into you, she will have to try to justify why that is so → resulting in a loss of attraction.
  • She will select another man if he represents more value to her.

Chapter 77-100:

  • The two codes to understand: genetic code (applicable to all women), her individual identity (applicable to specific women).
  • Real life situations such as: open flirting, break up, are all signs of nature responding to stimuli. 
  • You ARE being objectified and based on your capability to succeed in your gender role and this is to nature’s benefits. 
  • Most people are completely unaware of the fact that they are genetically engineered with nature’s agenda.
  • In fact, people are trained against living in alignment to their nature, in favour of the validation received from following doctrine.
attracted couple engaging in foreplay with candles

Chapter 101-120:

  • Attraction is nature’s mechanism to encourage the receiver to make a conscious decision on who to select as a mate, as the person is being perceived as a safe candidate to continue the genes on – therefore, you must constantly display evolutionary fitness to trigger attraction.
  • When she allows another man  to display his evolutionary fitness to her, it is for the purpose of checking him out to see if he is a better option to replicate the genes with.
  • DNA carries data that encourages the production of proteins responsible for our physical form. 
  • A woman’s behaviour will communicate what she is really saying, not her words.

Chapter 130-150:

  • A real man has real standards. He builds value and rises to the top, demanding a girl who is deserving of experiencing the value you have. No entitled women are permitted.
  • “Looks are not important” is a LIE – that’s why it is used in marketing (139/149) 
  • A woman is assessing everything about you even before you open her.

Chapter 150-175:

  • Your body is a biological object and you contribute to it being that.
  • She wants to feel safe. This is a priority at all times, and if she is insecure, make her secure. When shes emotionally all over the place, be stable emotionally (194)
  • She wants to be emotionally stimulated 
  • She requires patience (187)
  • The To Do List (163)
  • If a woman wants to be a queen, she should attend to a king. Modern-day women claim to be a queen but they really want servants.
  • Modern day relationships:  the woman will openly submit to a man she’s never met because he’s a celebrity. It represents the lack of fantasy you cover in her life (168)


Chapter 175-200:

  • Women complain about double standards, but then use those same double standards to their advantage.
  • Women say they don’t want to be objectified, but then spend so much time adding value to their physical body.
  • The female body is an asset in nature because it is the only source of replication AKA immortality for the genes
  • Value is a thing to be earned and you should never be coerced into maintaining her safety via a relationship simply because social media says so.
  • DON’T CHASE – no animals in nature chase, they show their value to attract a mate.
    Male lion and female lioness couple rub heads

    Overall impression/ my takeaways:

    • Nature has a plan – this was imprinted into us as we were being created in the womb
    • Her attraction to you is her exhibiting nature’s plan.
    • Move from that plan and you will pay for it, whether you are called her boyfriend or not
    • Everyday you will be judged. And if you fail, her body will move her onto a new person. 
    • Everyday by everyone, you are being judged based on your survival value/ ability to ensure nature’s objectives of immortality
    • Nature does not care about the social engineered code – friend-zone, display signals to other men, are all conscious manifestations of nature’s tests being failed.
    • The goal for her is to find a safe haven for her genes to reside in – does nature trust you?
    • If you are not leading, she is not yours, as nature does not deem you trustable enough for her to be placed in your hands – it is a lie to believe a woman is into you if you are supplicating to her dominance. 
    • Much of these lies in the social code are directly in conflict with nature’s code
    • It is made clear what women really want by her actions, not what the social code would have you believe by what they say.
    • Human consciousness can not downplay genetic code. Nature’s programming is GOING to run.
    elegant couple attracted man hugging woman from behind


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