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Gender switch roles transexual spiritual transpiritual boy male switches to girl female confusion

In this day and age, unlike anything seen before, the technology of the time allows people to attempt to switch their genders. Of course, this cannot truly be done on a biological level. However, by adjusting aspects of their biology through hormonal changes and certain surgeries, people are trying to align their physical body with the spiritual energy in which they feel they harness. 

Simply put, if a man feels like a woman, he gets to become a trans-woman and vice versa. In this article, we are not focusing on the physical aspect of transgenderism, but the spiritual aspect of this societal mutation which is affecting more people than you have initially considered. 

Though you may think of transgenders as the only people whose feelings/minds are out of alignment with their biology, I would say it goes further. The average person today is also suffering from some form of the same identity disorder. You could call them ‘spiritual transgenders’, or ‘transpiritual’. And though they may not identify as LGBT, they are also confused about their gender role.

Gender role switch from man to woman selena gomez

What do I mean? Well the average modern woman today does not carry the feminine energy which her body was designed for. And the average man does not properly carry the masculine energy which his body was made to express. The different energies ignite different types of behaviours when expressed through the physical body. 

Learn the properties of the masculine and feminine energy or the everyday expressions of the masculine-feminine energy and then you gain a better understanding of what I am talking about. 

The issue is that modern day men and women are not expressing the correct energy. The average man today is like a woman in a biological man’s body. And the same goes for women. The reason why this has happened is because society is artificially manipulating the energies to confuse people, causing them to operate outside of what their true nature is.

You may not think this applies to you, but it’s very likely that society’s tampering has affected you in some way already. For example, when a woman says “I’m a strong, independent woman”, what she is really saying is she has masculine traits. Strength and independence are masculine qualities that she is trying to embody, because her sense-of-self-power has been attached to the feminist campaign. When a man says he doesn’t believe in leading the household, he is expressing femininity. 

Of course, there are many people who this would apply to, so it is expected that they would reject this notion upon first hearing it. But we must realise that this is only happening because the culture is strongly pushing it.

    Flag: Anti LGBT movement

    First it started off with a questioning of gender roles (social), then it grew into the switching of gender roles (psychological and spiritual), then up next was a literal attempt to physically change genders (biological).

    The problem is that this is only going to cause chaos and lack of fulfilment for 99% of the population. You can never truly change the influence of the energies and the body is designed for certain purposes.

    Think about women who say that the way to attract them is by ‘being nice and sweet’, or that they like ‘when a guy is emotional in the relationship’. What they are really saying is they like when the guy expresses feminine energy. They may watch films and really believe that that is what they want. 

    However, it is rare that women are actually attracted to those traits. In fact, this is why ‘nice guys finish last’. The guys who are literally being the exact representation of what the women claim to want, are the ones who are dismissed. And who are they dismissed for? ‘Bad boys’ with masculine energy.

    A man who doesn’t express enough masculine energy will carry out behaviours which effectively makes him a woman in a man’s body. And nature will punish him for it. 

    Women often cheat on men who don’t operate with manliness. This is nature encouraging her to have offspring by another man who has better genes. These  men do not draw the strongest level of commitment from women and have to settle for a woman who makes the guy wait until she is done having fun right before her 30s.

    Relationship couple arguing

    On the flip side, men aren’t attracted to masculine traits in women. Single mothers or even wealthy ‘boss bitches’ are good examples of women who cannot lock down a man, despite having babies with them. They do not express the femininity which keeps men around. 

    It could even apply to women who spend their younger years partying and hooking up with bad boys who won’t commit to them (the action of freely fucking around is an expression of the masculine), only to struggle to find a desirable man as they age. 

    These women will claim that ‘men are too insecure to handle their sexual past’, or ‘men can’t handle a strong woman’. But in reality, it is that their energy has motivated them to carry out behaviours which are not desirable to the opposite sex.

    The point of this post is to highlight that you may have not changed your gender like a transgender has, but by not expressing the energy which your body was designed to harness, you are still being transgender on a spiritual level. And you are almost guaranteed to pay for it in the form of lack of fulfilment, dating failures and you may even find yourself in dangerous situations (more on this later).

    In a future post, we will address how there is no such thing as homosexuality in spirituality and what this means for relationships.


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