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gender pay gap image of man and woman

Currently, one of the missions of feminists is to eradicate the apparent inequality of wages between men and women. People of society have been convinced, not by facts or understanding of context behind any facts, but by loud complaints that women are paid lower wages than men for the same roles of work.

This is fabrication used to fan flames of conflict between men and women. It has little truth to it. There is no job sector in the Western world where a woman does the same job as a man and gets paid less. And if this is a lie, search online and screenshot the job offerings you see that show that a man is being paid more in a job where it says “men: £19 per hour, women: £15 per hour.” 

Perhaps you’ll find some differences where gender is necessary for the role itself. For example, I could imagine a survey service paying men and women differently based on the fact that each survey may be different. But even then, that wouldn’t qualify as it being the same role.

In response, someone had personally said to me that in the acting industry there are differences. So I said give me an example. He proceeded to tell me that Scarlett Johansson was paid less than Mark Ruffalo for the role of The Hulk. So I said, “so, how does that prove gender discrimation?” He then said that they were both playing characters in The Avengers so she should be paid the same.

So I said “but why would that be the case? If the brand of ‘The Hulk’ is bigger than her character? The Hulk is likely to produce more revenue. Do you not think that that plays a part?”. 

For example, if toys, image licensing and other sales are larger for the character of The Hulk, does that not mean that the person playing that role (that contributes to that brand) would naturally deserve more than the person playing the character of the slightly smaller brand?

Even if it was the other way around and a female were to play the role of a character that had a bigger brand, then the female would get paid more than the male. And if that happened, do you think feminists would fight for financial equality if that were to happen? It’s not a case of gender discrimination, there are other factors that make the difference.

And this is the problem with the narratives that we are told. We are only told the things that shock us so that we can be sold the narrative of a discriminating world. There are some truths, but no context is given to the truths so that we can see the reason why. So instead of knowing the reason why there may be differences in financial wages, they simply say “it must be discrimination”.

Hollywood gender pay gap chart

There is some truth to the fact that men are paid more than women. But it isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t social discrimination based on gender. It is differences that come about because of biological and psychological factors of gender.

A study of American wages found an interesting difference between the ratio of income for men and women. They found that for every $1 that men make, women make $0.79. So this means that when you look altogether at all of the men and compare it with all of the women, the ratio favours men.

So feminists use this to sell the narrative that men earn more and that the reason this is the case is because of gender discrimination. However, this doesn’t directly mean that there is systematic sexism and that companies want to pay men more. It also doesn’t mean that men get paid more for the same role as women.

What the narrative-pushers fail to disclose is the other factors which are responsible for these differences. Factors such as the fact that:

  • Time taken off work. Breaks and holidays requested
  • Positions targeted
  • Individual performance of the employee
  • Ambition of the employee
  • Promotions requested
  • Sectors which men and women choose to work in

There are so many other factors aside from just gender. For example, if you look at who takes more time off work, you’ll find that it is women. Women are much more likely to choose to be at home to take care of the kids.

    Gender pay wage gap between men and women

    There is nothing wrong with a woman choosing to spend time with her family. Feminism has shamed women for wanting to take on the mothering role. And what makes it interesting is that both men and women openly credit women for being the parents that are more parentally involved. No one disputes the fact that women are more nurturing than men. 

    So why would it be a surprise that a woman would choose to take time off from her job (the same job that makes both men and women hate their mondays), to spend time with their family, which is the reason for them wanting to go work in the first place? Is work more important than raising the next generation? Of course not.

    Or to add further context to the difference; men have up to 20 times more testosterone than women. And testosterone is a hormone which is responsible for inducing ambition and adventurousness. It makes sense then that men naturally would be hungrier to succeed in the workplace compared to a woman, which would provoke him to be more money-orientated and seek higher paying jobs and be more ambitious when it comes to attaining higher status.

    Now let’s look at the other side of it. Did you know that a few years ago, there was public uproar as it was publicly claimed that the company Google was paying it’s men more than women? But interestingly, after an audit, it was found that the women were being paid more than the men. After they discovered that, all uproar about financial inequality fell silent. So the real question is, is financial equality truly something which these people want?

    We can go even deeper, but we’ll continue in another article. But the point is to open your eyes to the lies you are being told. The real question is why is this narrative being pushed so hard? And in order to combat what I’m saying in this article, you would have to bring up exceptions to the rule in order to prove it wrong. But if it’s an exception, does that not imply that it is not as prevalent as you have been led to believe?

    In conclusion, women are not unfairly underpaid in comparison to men. It’s a myth. And even where there are differences that favour either sex, there are other factors aside from gender which are responsible for those differences. If women truly were underpaid, then I’m pretty sure every company would seek to save money by hiring all the women instead!


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