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Lonely picky woman on swings by herself

In the article titled “Why nice guys finish last”, we covered how a woman’s age affects her selection of a mate. In this article, we will briefly address how as a woman ages, her pool of options gradually decreases. This contradicts the popular idea that a woman is supposed to only take her dating life seriously later in life. 

Women are qualitative selectors, meaning that they choose their mates with quality in mind. Men are much more focused on quantity and do not go for mates of higher value than themselves. Women can be so focused on getting the best possible option that they sometimes become excessively picky and lose out on opportunities with good men.

As she ages though, this only gets worse. And she is more willing to settle for guys who don’t meet the standards she has even though her standards still increase as she gets older. Here’s the reasons why:

white woman rejecting man in suit being picky
  1. As a woman gets older, she loses reproductive value. Specifically, her beauty/physical attractiveness deteriorates. She becomes less attractive, so the quality of men she is able to get and the level of commitment she is able to get from the best guys drops. 
  2. Despite her falling attractiveness, her own life situation progresses. When she advances in her career and adds value to herself, her pickiness actually increases because she wants a man who has a better situation than her. 
  3. Women naturally date upwards. But to add to this, she is now more focused on getting a guy who is looking for a serious relationship. This further slashes the pool of men she can choose from because many men will still be looking to casually date, even at her age. 
  4. Though her attractiveness is dropping, her pickiness is increasing and she is only looking for ‘serious’ candidates, it doesn’t stop there. Since women go for older men, men naturally go for younger women. So in the small pool of men she is able to attain, she herself is not the first option, as a younger female is preferred over an aging one. With each year that goes by, she prefers a man older than her (which of course is a declining category).

Although this isn’t every situation. It is a general assessment of the way things go. It’s why a woman will ‘settle’ for a nice guy who wouldn’t have gotten any play years prior, but since she has a need for security and the clock is ticking, she gives him a chance because her options wither up extremely quick.

    selective woman rejecting multiple guys


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