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simp man kissing woman's feet

We’re currently living in a beta simp epidemic: a time in which a great portion of men are slaves to their desires for women. All you have to do is go on social media, and see the hordes of men placing women on a pedestal, showering women with excessive validation and attention. 

What’s interesting about simping is the fact that women themselves are not attracted to men who do this, though the simp believes that his efforts are going to attract her.

But what makes a simp? We’re going to break down the formula of what a simp is based on  psychology.  Well we can start by saying a male simp is the parallel to the female slut. 

Although you may think they are different because the simp generally struggles to get sex and the slut has excessive sex, on a fundamental level, they are doing the same thing: oversharing their sexual assets.

woman rejecting kiss from man

The sexual assets that each gender trades on the sexual marketplace are different. Simply: what men and women are attracted to are obviously different. Whilst men seek beauty/sex and quantity, women seek quality and the traits that ensure her protection. The sexual marketplace/ dating scene is a trade between the sexes to achieve the goal of “survival and reproduction”.

So the main asset that a woman has to bargain with in the sexual marketplace are beauty, sexual access (and the traits of her femininity). She has one womb that will be monopolised for 9 months by the man she lets impregnate her. So the value of sex with a woman is much higher than the value of sex with a man, since sex can lead to heavier consequences for her compared to the man. Simply put, the value of the vagina is high.

Woman in dress surrounded by many men in suits

On the other hand, the value of a man’s penis is low. Women don’t seek sex as much as men do and they can get sex easily. So getting dick is not that much of a win for her. A man’s assets are generally non-sexual and may include his time, attention, resources/wealth, knowledge, confidence, ability to guide (and all the traits of his masculinity). These are the traits that add value to her life.

Like any asset, its value is defined by supply and demand. For example with gold, when the demand is high but the supply remains low, the asset is more valuable. On the other hand, if the supply is higher than the demand, then the asset loses it’s value.

Man gives woman presents and flowers to woman

This is much like the value of the assets of each gender. If a woman gives high access to her beauty by having sex with an unworthy man or multiple men, she is giving out her asset at a cheap price. If it was expensive, it wouldn’t be so easily accessible. And this is what the male market is trying to ‘buy’. This explains why women are labelled sluts, and men aren’t. 

However, the label men may get is the simp label, if a man gives out his time and resources to women who aren’t worthy. He devalues the assets that he has when he is eager to trade it for cheap. And women are well aware of this. They know that if those assets of his were valuable, she wouldn’t be able to get so easily if it was worth it.

Despite the fact that women generally don’t find it attractive, men still do it. Boys have been taught through their mothers, movies and music, social media etc., that in order to get a woman you have to be ‘nice’ or a put her on the pedestal. This is incorrect.

simp links his credit card to a girls starbucks app tweet
hinge screenshot of a man buying basketball tickets for a date and gets left on read

However, women don’t discourage simping. They encourage it because they benefit from it and why wouldn’t they?. For example, why would women tell men not to buy them drinks at the bar or spend money to purchase a subscription of their OnlyFans? It makes sense why they have no complaints. 

Simping can be done at any stage of the interaction with a women. You can express the energy of simping in the first minute of speaking to her, or after ten years of marriage. The label of ‘girlfriend’ doesn’t mean you are not playing the trading game of the sexual marketplace.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t give your girlfriend gifts or anything like that. It just means at every stage that you do give, she must deserve it. Women quickly lose respect when you don’t value yourself first. The value exchange must always be balanced.

So for example, if your woman has had an attitude or has been disrespectful, you don’t try to get her out of her attitude by spending money on flowers so that she can hopefully lose her attitude. Though this is what a twitter post may tell you, the correct action would be to withdraw her access to your ‘assets’ to match the flow of hers, so that you are not giving more than you are getting. 

In this case, sex is not the asset she has stopped withdrawing. It is the softness that comes from the female energy which she has withdrawn from you and you must respond accordingly. (Click to read the article on the traits of feminine energy

In summary, the problem with simping is that you are devaluing yourself and putting the woman above you. You are saying ‘you are worth more than me so I’m going to give you more than you are giving me’. Women don’t respect guys who simp, even though they will happily use you. Allow her to earn whatever she receives from you so it will be a fair exchange. She will respect you more that way.

In part 2 of what makes a simp, we talk about how simps embody feminine traits that make them unattractive and weak.



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