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Strong alpha male with beautiful girlfriend woman by his side

A lot of people often use the term ‘real man’ or ‘real woman’. They may say “a real man does this” or “a  real woman does that”. It is clear that we all understand that being able to embody the correct gender role is an ability which is highly respected. 

And in the post about the energies which men and women are attracted to, we addressed the fact that men and women desire to feel like a real man or a woman in order to feel fulfilled. The problem is that the average person has no clue what makes a real man or woman and in this article we are going to totally cover it.

In recent years, the definition has been manipulated to benefit the agenda of the person using the word. For example, a woman may say “a real man serves his woman.” She is not saying a real man serves his woman because that’s what a real man really is. It’s just that she understands that the average man wants to be seen as a ‘real man’ and she is able to manipulate the guy into serving her, as he attempts to chase the title of ‘real man’.

Neither a real woman or a real man is defined by the self-centered desires of the opposite sex. Rather, this is just somewhat of a byproduct/beneficial result of being that type of person, since nature made it so that when a real man and real woman come together, harmony is achieved.

A real man or woman is simply a man or woman who harnesses the correct energy for their gender (male or female energy), as this will naturally produce a set of behaviours which their biology was created for.

Women of beauty want a man who is a strong alpha male beast

A real man is a biological male who expresses masculine energy as this is what his body is suited for. And masculine energy is defined by certain qualities, so on a daily basis, his actions are aligned with those properties of the male energy. 

It is one thing being a biological male. But if none of your actions are masculine, then you are not a real man. 

Being a man does not automatically come with age, though age of course influences it. A boy can usually not be considered a real man until he has mentally grown, because it takes time and experience to mentally embody the values of manhood.

    Divine feminine woman in pink energy

    The definition of a real woman is defined by the same concept. A real woman is a biological female who expresses the behaviours aligned with the properties of feminine energy. 

    There is a striking difference between the man and woman. But like the yin-yang symbol, this doesn’t mean that you need to be 100% of the energy. It is just a general state of being. 

    The properties of femininity include traits like reactiveness, sensitivity and volatility. These are traits which make a woman too vulnerable to the world when she is on her own. This means that a real woman has to have a real man to truly be in her feminine state, otherwise there is no safe space for her to stop being masculine.

    For example, a woman in the workplace must operate in her masculine frame, embodying masculine qualities such as ambition, domination and competitiveness. The only way a woman can walk the streets in a feminine mode is if there is masculine protection that allows her to do this. This could be in the form of police or even if the men in the area are just less of a threat. 

    But when she has a real man, she is able to totally let go of her masculine duties and the man takes on that role, allowing her to relax in her femininity. For example, a woman would much rather a man take on the role of protecting the house as opposed to her doing it herself. However, when a man stops harnessing male energy, the woman instantaneously reacts by being masculine. 

    This is how it works. When the man stops taking the role of man, she must do it for herself because it is unsafe for her to remain in a womanly state. And even though a woman could be an ‘alpha’ female to the world, in the presence of her ‘alpha male’ she will naturally be clicked into her feminine frame. And this will feel very satisfying for her.


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