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Woman rejecting man who is a simp

In the last article on “What is a simp? – Part 1”, we discussed that a simp is a guy who gives away his value too willingly, decreasing the worth of his value. In part 2, we are going to cover another key component that makes a simp. It is the lack of masculine energy a man has. And it can affect a man at any stage of a relationship with a woman.

You become a simp when you operate with feminine energy, because his behaviour will become that of a woman’s. And in the game of energies, opposites attract. Feminine men will attract masculine women, or feminine actions will create masculine responses (from the woman). 

Modern marriage fails because woman and man are locked together with handcuffs

This is because the two energies (masculine vs feminine) seek polarity. Although each energy is best suited to being expressed through the matching body (masculine energy is for the masculine body and vice versa), both sexes can harness either energy.

Even if a man isn’t with a masculine woman, when he expresses feminine energy, his woman will instantly react with masculine-behaviours. This is because the energies are always going back and forth and you cannot have one without the other.

What usually happens with simps is that they start off masculine at the start of the relationship, but over time they become more feminine. This could manifest as him being soft, complacent, too nice, not appropriately putting his girl in place, or just not leading anymore. 

This is what happens in many modern-day marriages, and it explains why women begin to pull the “I’m too tired for sex” card to avoid intimacy with their husbands. The real reason is that she is just no longer attracted to her husband anymore because on an energetic level, he is like a woman.

And since she is a woman herself (read ‘there is no homosexuality in spirutality) , she is not going to be attracted to another woman (in the form of a man’s body). Even lesbians are not spritually homosexual. There is usually a ‘man’ in the relationship, such as the dyke or stud (even if you cannot visibly see it), and then there is the woman in the relationship who takes the feminine position.

alpha strong male man picks up woman and sweeps her off her feet

One of the biggest issues is that many women themselves don’t know that they will be turned off if their man becomes as feminine as they continuously request him to be. Women often try to convince men to be softer or to take on more feminine behaviours as the relationship progresses. She may even encourage him to cry with her at times.

She is getting him to do this because it gives her a sense of security and comfort. When he is more feminine in energy, she is going to feel more comfortable. The problem is that this kills attraction (as the polarity between the masculine and feminine energy dies), so it should be kept to a minimum. Feminine expressions from the man should only occur sparingly, and that way, she will appreciate it, rather than lose attraction. 

Women may consciously think they want it all the time, but when they get it, they always begin to resent it. Just observe long-term relationships that lose it’s excitement. When a man becomes feminine, she has to become masculine. And when that happens, she becomes dissatisfied. 

What follows next is masculine behaviour expressed through the feminine body. So for example, she will begin to be receptive to other men, or at least a strong man who she considers to be more masculine than her boyfriend. She will begin to talk more aggressively and lose her ‘sweet’ voice with her man, often leading to disrespect. She will begin to lead more herself, or she’ll be resistant to her man’s leadership. 

It is important for a man to constantly assume the position of the masculine authority otherwise chaos will ensue. Where he doesn’t lead, chaos will breed. And this is why simps will either have chaotic relationships with women who reject their authority or they will attract masculine women who will never let them wear the pants.

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