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Journey in Divine Union

By Reemus Bailey

5th February 2023


With a community of over 50k followers, Tiktok influencer Reemus is bringing you “Journe in Divine Union”.

This London based event is an initiation into the divine feminine and masculine energies. These two energies have a heavy influence on our daily lives – from our relationship dynamics to our overall state of wellbeing. By opening up to new perspectives and gaining a better understanding of the interplay between the two energies, you can achieve balance, both within yourself and in your relationships.

Share and learn together as Reemus guides you in an interactive atmosphere with like-minded people.

Join Reemus in conversation to:

  • Learn the secrets of attraction and the keys to empowered relationships
  • Understand how to be in healthy expression of divine feminine and masculine energy
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Purchase a signed copy of his book ‘Healing the feminine energy and the wounds of your inner child’ on the day




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