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Andrew Tate canceled from TikTok YouTube for misogynistic views

Question: do you hate or rate ‘The Top G’ Andrew Tate?

As you probably know, he got cancelled at the end of summer. Most people who hate him feel that his views are misogynistic.

Whether you like him or not, at the very least, his communication definitely sparked controversy.

And that’s something I spoke about when reacting to videos of people who were passionate about their hate for him

What was surprising though, is that these people did not actually know why they hated him. They just knew the feeling that they had regarding him.

In one of my latest YouTube videos, I talked about the influence of ‘feelings’ over ‘The Feminine‘ and how the ‘vibe’ of your communication is able to create resistance (or acceptance), whether or not your words are technically true. 

Check out my YouTube video on it:

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