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man stares at the sexual body of woman in bikini

There is a huge on-going debate about the apparent sexualisation of women in today’s society. It appears that feminists are not happy about women being seen as ‘sexual objects’, with their value being based on their sexuality. 

In this article series, we will cover how from a scientific perspective, it is indeed true that a woman’s value is heavily influenced by her sexuality. And we will also reveal how women not only perpetuate this, but they love it. Beneath the conscious surface that cries out at being ‘objectified’, there is an excitement felt when she sees that she is an object of desire.

Nature values survival-and-reproduction

The goal of every living thing is to survive and reproduce. Simply put, immortality is the sacred goal of everything in nature. So anything that increases the likelihood of this goal is strongly prioritised.

We can see how this manifests in human societies. With men, this manifests as them being valued for their survival traits. A man’s ability to help protect and lead his family helps the survival chances of his family. Therefore, one of the things which humans have evolved to love in men is their physical strength. 

This is the reason why men like showing off their muscles. They are subconsciously saying “hey, look at my ability to protect with the physical prowess that I have”. We also see that women give the most attention and affection to the men that show off massive amounts of ‘survival value’. 

The wealthiest men have always had the greatest access to women since the beginning of agriculture. In essence, women are drawn to the survival value of men. And women seek to trade their reproductive value, or in other words their sexual access, with a man’s survival value.

model pointing to her ass

Women’s value

It is clear that a woman’s sexuality is the opposing counterpart to a man’s survival value. It makes sense since this is her contribution to the survival-and-reproductive process. Women have never, and still don’t, show a desire to take on the responsibilities of survival. They generally do not seek to be the protectors of their family or community unless there is no man to do it.

However, women naturally have the desire to be nurturing. You see this with their famous “baby fever” that comes out when women are around babies. Additionally, women enjoy accepting custody of children. They show a desire to look after the children. Meanwhile, some men are willing to abandon their kids. And you also see this in nurseries/kindergarten, as women prefer to be preschool teachers and carers of young children.

Reproduction and activities linked to reproduction is evidently extremely important to many women. And from this perspective, you begin to see how it makes sense that a woman’s value is heavily determined by her reproductive ability. It is her contribution to nature’s goal of immortality.

Another expression of a woman’s reproductive value is her physical beauty, which is an aspect of her sexuality. This is why the looks of a woman are focused on more  than it is in men. There is a scientific reason for this. A woman’s beauty is a subconscious indicator of her fertility, health and youth. These are all traits which determine a woman’s ability to rear and nurture children.

This consciously manifests in beauty being highly prized in human communities. Some people think that beauty is a made up concept. However, this can’t be true, as beauty has a purpose (as we have just covered). Studies show (read about this in David Buss’ book “Evolution of Desire”) that from a young age, babies respond more positively to those who are deemed physically attractive. This implies that there is  an innate understanding of what attractiveness is.

    Weapons are this bomb ass pussy meme

    Sexual asset vs sexual object

    A woman’s physical attractiveness is an obvious aspect of her reproductive value.  And this is where the concept of woman being a sexual object comes from. Her physical beauty signals to humans that she is a good source for reproduction, highly prized in nature’s eye. And this is why men are drawn to beauty and why women also highly respect another woman’s beauty.

    Though, the word ‘object’ is understandably not-well received. A better term for it would be ‘asset’. From the perspective of nature, a woman’s sexuality is extremely valuable since it is a vital component in the process of survival. 

    A woman’s womb has always traditionally been considered sacred. It is the passageway for life and it’s the entrance to the hub which nurtures the next generation. Of course, when we look at the beauty of a woman, these are not things we are consciously thinking about. But it is deep within our subconscious brain.

    In part 2, we are going to discuss this further. We will highlight that women themselves are the best examples of the idea that women are sexual assets. And they themselves are the ones that tend to sexualise themselves even though they claim to hate it.



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