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One of the biggest blessings that I got growing up in the sport of boxing was that it taught me that success is owed to anyone who deserves it. It’s not that ‘everyone deserves it’, but it is that if you do the things to earn it, then success will have no choice but to submit to you. 

In boxing, there are hundreds of stories of a kid growing up in poverty rising from rags to riches. In fact, the majority of the sport’s best fighters came from poor beginnings. You can’t help but be inspired by the fact that a young kid with nothing but dreams could end up earning millions of dollars in a few short years of dedication and commitment. 

The critic might say: ‘but that’s just a small percentage of people. It’s not like everyone makes it.’ And they would be right. But they would be wrong to assume that it isn’t you that could make it.

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Success is guaranteed to a talented person who works hard and smart. It’s near impossible to fail if you do what is required of you without giving up, with the only exception being if you are not talented in what you are trying to pursue.

And that’s what the critic leaves out. He chooses to focus on the fact that a small percentage will make it, rather than focusing on what must be done to be a part of that small percentage. 

Someone has got to be rich. There has to be a winner. Someone has to be great, why can’t it be you? 

Whilst you doubt yourself, there is going to be someone who has it just as hard as you, who is going to be successful in the craft you’re in. And because you were scared of taking the risk to be successful, that’s the main reason why you won’t be successful. 

Meanwhile, that other person is going to put their all into it, accepting the risk of failure, and this is why they are more likely to attain the results they want. For many of us, not even our parents will give us this talk. So you are walking around with doubts because few people operate on this type of mindset.

But once you adopt the right mindset, you start to see things from a new perspective. Having the right mindset does not bring success necessarily. But it does influence you to do the right actions that will bring it.


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