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It is one of the biggest mysteries to me that people will protest about many things in society, but one of the things that people seem not to mind is the education system. What makes it even more outstanding is that every adult knows the uselessness of most of the content that is taught in schools, since they themselves went through it.

If you asked the average adult how much information they use in their daily life that they learned from school, it would be a minority percentage. Despite this, the average adult is still content to send their child to an education system which is simply designed to create robotic workers. 

The education system isn’t concerned with instilling certain values in children that will lead to a fulfilling life. It is simply focused on producing soulless robots who will be ready to serve the economy at the expense of their own freedom. This doesn’t mean that the work-world and economy should be neglected. But there should be a median meeting point, whereby schools also create strong, confident individuals who have been taught actual life skills.

What we have is a conveyor belt that churns out adults who have the mind of children that are just taught many fun facts. The problem is that the fun facts we learn have little to do with everyday life and things we must do as adults are being learned on the job, when it could’ve been taught in school. Periodic table, algebra, even things taught in history like how many wives King Henry VIII had, are not more important than wealth, communication, or confidence.

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However, just because school didn’t teach you, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be learned. No matter how old you are, here are some things that you must add to your own personal education curriculum if you want to live a fulfilled life:

  • Wealth: study financial literacy. 
  • Health: how the body works. Learn how to achieve physical and mental health. 
  • The mind: learn how the mind functions.
  • Critical thinking: how to think in order to properly understand information..
  • Communication:The psychology of people and how to interact properly, important for a species that is a social pack animal.
  • Genderhood: learn the differences between men and women, and how this affects daily living. Gender roles are an integral part of nature.
  • Dating: this is one of the most dominant aspects of our life, yet people are clueless to the different forms of relationships there are and how dating should be approached.
  • A skill or industry linked to your natural talents: rather than studying a bunch  of useless subjects, focus on what would be relevant to you.

These are the subjects that dominate my own personal studies. And I believe that all the above subjects create the foundation that would make effective adults. Then once the adult knows what subject interests them after time and experience, only then should they be encouraged to ‘pick a subject’.

I don’t understand why young 14 year olds are made to pick subjects at such a young age when they do not know who they are. Even adults who choose a certain topic at university end up going into an industry that is totally different to their university studies. 

The education system is outdated and broken. There is no intent to make healthy individuals. The focus is on making robots that are ready for economic exploitation and it is at the expense of the child’s path to fulfilment. 



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