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One of the most powerful concepts to understand is that your reality is totally the reflection of your inner reality. The external reality you are currently experiencing is the sum of every choice you have previously made, or at least the choices which you allowed to be made for you. Each moment of the past has led you to your current result.

This is an empowering concept as it gives you back your control. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. It gives you the power of deciding what you want your reality to be, as it is down to your influence and nobody else’s. Your current position is the culmination of all the choices you have made in your life. 

Many people will reject this idea because they would now be accountable for the results they are getting. But for others who understand the power of taking responsibility for your current condition, they will become free to lead the life they want. They will see that it is up to them to create the conditions that will get the results they are seeking.

The type of relationships you have, the type of treatment you receive, the emotions you feel, the way people speak or act towards you, the content you watch, and even the state of your financial situation is all a reflection of your own values and actions.

Man on top of mountain looking at the world deep thinking about his life starting into the distance as the world is a reflection of his inner self

One person may complain about the income they receive. However, this is a direct reflection of the choices they have made financially. This is why it makes no sense to complain about it. Whatever you are getting is what you feel you are worth.

Next example: your social life. The way people treat you is also a reflection of how you feel about yourself. People often complain about the way people have mistreated them. However, if they truly felt that they were worth more than that, they would end the treatment. People may try to mistreat you, but whether you accept it in the long term is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Our mind is a mental tool which acts as a filter through which we perceive reality. Whatever you think about yourself heavily affects your perception.

    Floyd Mayweather with black rolls royce car and bentley cars in his luxurious expensive collection

    Next example: let’s say we showed three different people a video of Floyd Mayweather Jr. flexing his multi-million dollar car collection. One person may have a negative reaction to it, saying that Floyd is a boastful, arrogant person. They may add that there is nothing positive that they can take from the video. 

    Another person may look at it and, even if Floyd is being boastful, say “that’s pretty inspirational”. Even though they may not even want the car collection themselves, they naturally see the situation in much more of a positive manner. 

    This is because the filter they are using to perceive the information is different. The filter that each person has is also the same filter that they are using when they are experiencing the rest of life. The filter affects how they perceive and respond to other situations.

    The person who has a positive filter is more likely to be the person who creates a life based on that perception. Whereas the other person will create a reality based on their more negative perception.

    Both may not be aware of this process taking place, but it does not matter. You are the architect of your reality whether you know it or not. So if you want a change to happen on the outside, then a change must take place from within first. 

    Floyd Mayweather with white rolls royce mercedes ferrari lamborghini lambo car and bentley cars in his luxurious expensive collection
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