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Elon Musk brain being programmed by software and information neuropsychology

In this article, we are going to uncover the different components that make up the human experience. And with this information, you will understand the reasons behind your behaviours in such a way that you will gain true free will and self-control.

But first, we must understand who you are. You must realise that you are not who you think you are. You are not your name, you are not your body, you are not even your mind. You are not an American Man, a Japanese woman, or any of those labels. Those are the labels and things which you have been given by the world to experience this reality.

These are just tools. You are separate. You are simply the consciousness that is watching or being influenced by these different labels and things. They are like tools or parts of the vehicle that help you exist in this world. It’s important to understand the nature of the different tools you use so that you can control or adjust its influence on you.

We begin by imagining that you are like a machine. And the machine is made up of five different working sections. The five components of the machinery that makes the human experience are:

    • Your body/ biology (vehicle)
    • Your mind/psychology (computer) 
    • Your culture/ sociology (environment)
    • The type of spirit you possess
    • Astral influence
Cyber artificial human interacting with holographic data and information DNA unlocking consciousness in the matrix

The biological influence

Arguably, biology may be the heaviest influence on human behaviour. Biological programming is ingrained in our DNA. The body is set up so that there are involuntary processes going on that trigger certain behaviours.

For example, let’s take the example of responding to fear. If your mind perceives a threat in the environment, your body releases the chemicals required to create the emotion of fear. You receive the chemical release and once you feel fear, you are encouraged to do something about it.

All biological mechanisms are designed to help you survive. Even the ones you think are bad. The body is a genetic machine with the goal of survival. So it is one of the strongest influences on your behaviour as Mother Nature already ‘knows’ what’s best for you to achieve survival.

    The psychological influence

    Psychology could arguably be considered the second heaviest influence after biology. 

    Your mind is deeply rooted in your childhood experiences and habitual thinking patterns (which can be created from your environment). The mind crafts your perception of reality. It’s like a filter between the actual world and your body. 

    So continuing on from the previous example, in a situation where there is a threat in the environment: the body first receives the data from the outside world (via the eyes reading the stimuli). Then, the mind’s perception translates this into meaning, saying “that looks like danger!”.

    From there, the mind then sends the ‘instructions’ to the body to create the necessary biological conditions that will then inspire you (the consciousness) to act on it and get out of danger.

    The sociological influence

    Your environment is the next level of influence on the human experience. It is the one that is most adjustable. Biology is rooted in DNA. Psychology is rooted in childhood and habits. Culture is simply the influence of the group and is only rooted in the surroundings.

    Societal values change every decade or two. And if one wants to immediately change their social influence, they can just hop on a plane and enter a new country that will quickly change their behavioural habits. 

    But if not an environmental move, then the content which one consumes (which is a way that societal values are downloaded) can make a difference. This is evident through observing the control that media/news outlets have on people’s behaviour.

    Though it is possibly the weakest form of influence, it still is an extremely strong influence. Humans are social pack animals, so we naturally gravitate towards conformity. We subconsciously fear social exclusion. 

    In ancestral times (and even now to some degree), a person’s chances of survival would dramatically drop if they were abandoned by the group. This is why people care so much what other people think of them. And it’s why people fear going against the norm, even where they do not agree.

    Your spiritual influence

     A spirit is a meta-physical force which manifests through that which is physical. The spirit that flows through the body is heavily influenced by and influential on your behaviours. The type of spirit you have naturally aligns with certain behaviours.

    However, if you change your psychology, environment and train your biological responses to certain situations, you will begin to harness a different type of spirit. This is an important goal for people who are into self-development or spirituality (and it is even a basis of religions).

    We’ll take a very generic example: take a person who is depressed, anxious and thinks negatively. They work a job they hate, they have a partner they do not like, and they are unhappy with their life situation. With all of these factors, the current spirit they express is dark, weak and negative. 

    Though this is currently the spirit they are operating with, they may know that this is not who they are. Deep down, they know that there is a happy winner who harnesses positive energy. So to bring out the true person who lies inside, they set off on a path of self-development.

    He trains his biology with breathing techniques and thinking strategies that limit anxious triggers. He cleans his mind with positive affirmations and new thinking patterns. He changes his environment by getting a new partner, job and makes new friends who are positive and uplifting, with an ambition to progress in life. 

    All of these changes will unlock a new spirit within them. If he or she has the spirit of positivity, it will come to the forefront after these life changes. And that spirit they have will influence their behaviours in all areas of life.

    Your astral influence

    Your astral chart relates to your birth date/time and your star signs. This is the software that I know the least about, so I will not speak on it much until I know enough. However, I do know enough to see it does appear to have some affect on destiny.

    People discredit the star signs as just a silly horoscope myth that is used to make money. And I agree that the readings in the mainstream are extremely generic and useless. But the doubters never do their research to validate their suspicions. Only once you have done adequate research do you know enough to validate whether it’s true or not. I’m still in the process of learning this programming.


    These are the different programmes which are running within you. They are always interacting with each other, creating different internal conditions that inspire you to take certain actions. Your behaviour is a sum of these influences altogether. 

    The aim is to spot which of these programmes are influencing you and to consciously override it where you see it as necessary. And with that, you unlock the privilege of free will.


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