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Coronavirus and covid 19 is controlling the world through media fear panic and political control agenda manipulation

I recently read the book “Corona: False Alarm? Facts and Figures” and I did so because it is important to get a deeper understanding of the true nature of the virus. In the media, you will never get the truth, which is something I also took from the book. In this blog post, I will share the notes I took, the facts I learned and share my general thoughts on the book.

My instant impression of the book is that it would be one that would tell me specific statistics highlighting how far the threat of corona was. The book was written by German researchers/doctors, so it was written from a Euro-centric context. It’s also a book from 2020, so it was written before the vaccine was released.

Chapter 1 – How dangerous is the killer

  • The book begins by letting you know about the history of the virus: did you know there were other forms of it since 2003?
  • Chapter one then goes onto say the issues with how organisations went about the reliability of testing, and how the nature of testing encouraged panic where it could’ve been avoided → people in high rate outbreak areas should’ve been tested more
  • From outset, politicians and media sent distorted messages, from the mixed messages of WHO – the chapter talks about how misinformed articles and unreliable tests helped created panic that led to sanctions and restrictions that weren’t founded in logic
  • The virus has a similar fatality rate as flu and average death age is 81 
  • Deaths are recorded as being from corona even if patient died of other means
  • Even if a death is caused after contracting a secondary illness, the pre-existing condition (covid-19) is to blame for the death since it was that condition that made it fatal. 
  • Addresses how in Europe most ‘corona’ deaths were not actually because of the virus and that deaths where corona was ‘suspected’ were counted as corona deaths (Belgium)

Chapter 2 – Corona-situation in Germany

  • Despite lockdown, infection numbers continued to rise. But the high rate reported was due to the fact that the number of tests also rose highly. Per 100,000, the number did not rise as high as believed
  • If they wish to increase infection rate reported, all that is needed is to intensely test more people as this will inevitably heighten the number of infections. But they never report on successful recoveries to balance out the total number of ‘infected’. This creates a graph that is truthful, yet distorted at the same time.
  • Mentions how scientists who had findings that supported the easing of lockdowns were ignored.
  • Scientist logic was ignored → and intense testing was done on people who should not have been tested just because they had ‘flu-like’ symptoms

Chapter 3 – What happened?

  • There was no reason for further preventive measures after April because it was a false proclamation that hospitals were overwhelmed.
  • Ventilators and intubation were excessively used to the point of contributing to deaths.

Chapter 4 – Collateral damage

  • Social, mental, health and economic downfall affected more people than who were affected by the virus: people turned away from treatment for other illnesses , cancer patients told to wait, unemployment and poverty, domestic abuse, suicide and drug use increased.

Chapter 5 – Sweden

  • Sweden took a less aggressive stance and the other European countries attacked them in the media.
  • Other countries such as Iceland, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, all did well without lockdowns.
  • Education on ways of protecting, as well as test and tracing are all effective measures without need for lockdown.
  • Breaks down how in Europe, the handling of lockdown made little sense and  went against the scientific findings. For example, it was reported that the rate of infections increased, yet the percentage didn’t rise by as much. And that infections were falling as masks were mandatory.
  • In Czech, the second wave was actually in a time of lowest number of deaths despite reported panic
  • There is little to no scientific evidence that masks actually serve any purpose, and may even harm people.

Chapter 6 – Vaccination

  • Since vaccinations don’t guarantee immunity, particular healthy immune systems may be as effective as the vaccine itself
  • Vaccines have not undergone proper clinical testing

Chapter 7 – Media failure

  • Media reported numbers without context to instil fear in the public: Infected rates were always reported, without focus on recovery. Number of deaths was looked at without context of population numbers.
  • Scientists who report the facts which go against WHO were censored
  • Suggests that the social and economic downfall affected more people than who were affected by the virus
    Coronavirus multiple coronaviruses under microscope that cause covid-19 disease and have crown spikes that can enter cell easily


    • Gave me a good understanding of the true context for many of the popularised statistics and reports we see in the media
    • Made me much more confident in understand how the media have acted in this pandemic and how they have contributed to sensationalism 


    • Although it speaks for others, its focused on Germany
    • There was a little bit of bias. Their own opinion could sway the perception of people that read it, especially if they are impressionable.
    • I would’ve liked a little more understanding and details of things like mask wearing, in the detail that the vaccination chapter had.

    Overall, a good book and quick read if you scan through it.

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