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Creating Attraction: The Male vs Female Energy Polarity

In this generation, people are more confused about gender than any other time in humankind before. Men do not know how to be men and women do not know how to be women. Added to this, men do not know what women like. And women are confused about what men like. It’s all...

Who is the prize in a relationship?

We’ve often heard the phrase “she’s the prize”. It is a phrase that sets the foundation of the mindset that both men and women have in regards to dating. So it is important for us to unpack that belief to find out how far it is true and how far it is a myth.  ...

If Every Partner Is ‘Trash’ Then So Are You

One of the biggest issues in the dating world is the inability to self-reflect and constructively criticise oneself with the aim of improving the quality of your dating strategy. People would rather solely put blame on the people who have wronged them, rather than...

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… a three-time author, brand owner and entrepreneur, with a desire for self-improvement. But more than that, I’m a free-spirited philosopher committed to discovering truths about life. On this blog, we document  gems discovered on the path to mastery and success.


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If you want to to achieve a particular goal, there is already a predetermined set of actions you must do to achieve it. This pattern is the code. The goal of this blog is to figure out the code that attains the results of a supreme life.

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