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Yin Yang sign representing the masculine male energy and the feminine female energies in divine balance

The male and female energies are forces which are prevalent in every conceivable situation of nature. The forces are always interacting with each other, resulting in the vibrations that generate action and movement.

In Eastern philosophy, the energies are famously referred to as yinyang. In science, it may be referred to as push and pull. In Ancient tribal communities, it may be referred to as the sun and the moon. Regardless of it’s different branding across cultures, the male and the female energy expresses itself everywhere.

In this particular article, we will tie the two energies in with human nature. Understanding the influence of the male and female energy allows us to understand the context behind many behaviours in the real world.

Energy exchange between man and women representing the male and female energy helping each other through balance

In the article “Traits of the Male and Female Energy”, the different qualities of each energy was listed. The energy is a meta-physical force which when expressed, produces certain behaviours in the individual. 

For example, both a man and woman can express either energy. When they do, the behaviours they exhibit will be in line with the properties of the energy which is expressed. However, nature’s purpose is for each sex to focus much of their expression on the energy which matches their biology.

When the two energies interact, they are like jigsaw pieces, completing each other. And from a spiritual sense, the interaction of the energies results in a ‘oneness’, which is necessary for the ‘generation’ of life. 

    Fire masculine male energy vs the female feminine water energy representing the yin yang sign

    This generation created by the energies is responsible for creation and life. In the book “YINYANG: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture”, Robin Wang described YinYang as the thing that ‘brings all things into oneness’ and that ‘yang is generated from yin and yin is generated from yang’. 

    Both are necessary for each other. Also included in the book is a quote by Guanzi who stated that “of the ways to achieve success, expanding and contracting in accordance with the Yin and the Yang is the most precious.” 

    From a simple perspective, the expression of the male and female energy being expressed through humans/animals is evident in the existence of the male and female gender. Think about the process of having a child. 

    On a physical level, it is the man and woman combining by having sex to create a new ‘oneness’. Through a spiritual lens, it is the yin and yang elements combining together to create the generation that results in life.

    All of this is why the concept of a “male vs female” psychological war (that is currently perpetuated today) is ridiculous. Both are vital for the continuation of nature.

    Interaction between male and female energy is important because when properly done, balance is achieved. When the male and female energy is out of balance, chaos is guaranteed. This is what we are seeing in the world today. Many of the world’s problems would be solved if the two energies were in proper synchronicity.

    Below is a still from the cartoon show “Legend of Korra” (season 2), where ‘Raava’ and ‘Vaatu’ are fighting. The light energy ‘Raava’ who represents the yang energy is attempting to submit the dark energy ‘Vaatu’ who represents the yin energy. When the character Avatar Wan interrupts the process by freeing Vaatu, chaos breaks loose. This is what happens when the balance between the energies are disturbed.

    Raava and Vaatu from Legend of Avatar Korra  fighting in front of Avatar Wan representing the fight between male v female energy

    Both genders of an animal are designed to generally harness either the male or female energies. When the energies are in perfect flow, survival and reproductive value generally increases. For example, let’s look at the example of a man and a woman in a relationship.

    Let’s say the man is properly expressing the masculine energy, and vice versa. The behaviours that naturally come through both parties would create an environment where the man and the woman are both doing their jobs to create a harmonious home.

    Going further, when a man exudes masculinity he is seen as attractive. And when a woman is feminine, she is seen as a keeper. Our attraction preferences are the result of nature trying to match us up with the opposite energy.

    The proof that these energies are necessary for success is seen in the fulfilment and reproductive success which is achieved, after each gender exhibits the right energy.

    This is why gender roles exist. They are not societal constructs. They are expressions of nature (click to read “The Importance of Gender Roles”). In the upcoming article “Everyday expressions of  masculine-feminine energy”, you can learn about the different human behaviours that come from the energies.


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