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control your mind and thoughts as the driver of free will

In this blog article, I am going to give you the keys to your free will. We’re going to cover how people are not truly in control of themselves, as they allow their mind and body to dictate their actions through involuntary thoughts and emotions. The truth is that for most people, you are not the one in control, despite the fact that you are supposed to be.

Let’s first look at the fact that, for most people, whatever they are raised to be, they become. Whatever their parents, friends, education system, society or close environment, influence them to be, they simply follow the lead and become. 

This is why the phrase “product of your environment” exists. But if your environment defines who you become, is that not to say that your environment is the one that is in control. 

The term ‘product of your environment’ is certainly evident through observation of the criminal world. Convicts often express how they were led into a life of crime as their conditions forced them to do this. 

You also see a similar influence on behaviour when you observe women, as they are in biological conditions which prime their for heightened emotional volatility compared to men.

depressed man staring into distance

Of course, your environment and conditions are going to play a part in influencing who you are. But there must also come a point where you consciously choose who you want to be and how you want to be. Once this decision has been made, you must submit your outer world to conform to your desires of what you want out of life.

For example: we just spoke of how women are in bodies which are emotionally sensitive. Let’s look at the male body though. The male body is a biological machine which is highly sensitive to sexual stimuli, as the masculine body’s priority to mass produce via sex with a large quantity of women.

This itself is not a bad thing, as it would be arrogant to call nature’s production bad. However, it can become a bad thing when it isn’t controlled by the consciousness which is supposed to be sailing the ship (you).

For most people, they do not sail the ship at all. And they allow their body to call the shots. It’s literally like leaving a car on auto-pilot, and never being there to control the wheel. 

So what happens? Well, for most men, they allow their dick to control their mind. They make stupid momentary decisions or they end up chasing pussy when they should be staying disciplined and chasing their goals. They give up their conscious control to the subconscious machine.

    jealous girlfriend mad at her boyfriend

    Let’s look at the example of the female body and see how women are prone to a similar thing. As women are more emotionally sensitive compared to men, many women also allow their emotions to control them in the same way that men allow their sexual desires to control them.

    With the example of an emotion such as jealousy, a girl in a relationship may allow herself to feel insecure or ‘crazy’ because her jealousy flares up, and in reaction, she may start an argument or engage in petty behaviour with her boyfriend. It’s not to say that only women do this though. 

    But the whole point is that it happens because there is no conscious overriding of the emotions. To allow your body or emotions to control one’s thoughts is to be a puppet to your body and mind. Your body and mind are properties which you are the manager of, not the other way around. 

    Tell the machine who is in control here. Whip it into line. Make it submit to your will. Once you begin to take this control, you gain a power that most people in the world may never ever experience.


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