Neo sees the agents through the code of the matrix


Figuring out the superior code

If you want to to achieve a particular goal, there is already a predetermined set of actions you must do to achieve it. This pattern is the code. The goal of this blog is to figure out the code that attains the results of a supreme life.

Saprtan king Leonidas from 300
electronic picture of the brain

Control the mind, control reality

  • The code that society encourages you to tap into is weak. This is why more and more people suffer from depression or lack of confidence.
  • But on this blog, one of the goals are to mentally strengthen yourself in order to gain wisdom, truth and power. 
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Balance between the male and female

  • Modern day humans are in conflict with nature’s design of the male/ female body, and they wonder why chaos is guaranteed in their relationships.
  • Once in balance, alignment with nature is achieved and a sense of fulfilment is achieved.
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Yin Yang symbol with man and woman
about me

Who Am I?

My name is Reemus.

I’m a man who is committed to being the absolute best version of myself, and nothing will compromise that. I’m committed to the pursuit of self-power, truth and knowledge, and as I progress down the path of mastery, I want to share the things I learn to help other people.

Reemus Bailey in suit